John’s window boxes

St Johns Wood

My friend John often asks when his garden is going to feature on this blog, and I always tell him I’ll cover it when it’s up to scratch! I’m joking, of course. John has a great garden and I’ve tried to photograph it many times but haven’t been able to do it justice.

John would be the first to point out that his window boxes are past their best, and it’s a shame I couldn’t capture them in their prime. But I really like the colour combo – the bright orange geraniums against the dark leaves. There were some black petunias in the mix too, but John had to take them out because they got mildew.

Petal power

Warren Street

I walk past this doorway a lot and always think how pretty it is. I’ve tried photographing it several times from various different angles, but have never got it quite right. Today the bike was perfectly placed, it wasn’t in the glare of full sun, and there was nothing parked in front of it. And I still couldn’t get a decent pic!

Top marks, though, to whoever planted this tiny container garden in hardly any space at all – and in the centre of London too. The jasmine climbing up the arch is almost over now but it smelt amazing.

I want that bike.


Dartmouth Park

I’m always really happy to see any house where the inhabitants have taken the time to brighten up their environs, especially in London where so many people don’t bother. This place has pots fixed to every part of spare wall, with plants spilling out of them.

In the window is a sign to read…

I’m not sure what compels someone to put a sign like this in their window, but I guess it’s a message we could all do with reminding about.