Spider plants

Spider plants in a window box

I’m a big fan of spider plants in a window box. What other plant would trail as brilliantly as this? This pic reminds me of the wonderful window boxes I saw a while back in Connaught Square – they had a few spider plants stuffed into them, in between numerous other delights.

The worst gardener in the world could keep a spider plant alive. I’ve got a couple hanging from the ceiling in my conservatory. They’re hideously pot bound and starved of water a lot of the time (I always seem to forget about them), and exposed to huge extremes of temperature. And yet they still keep pumping out their little baby plants, which I pot up occasionally. You know they’ve finally had enough when their leaves turn very pale, but give them a quick water and they’re soon as right as rain.

Incidentally, I like these dark wooden window boxes – I’ve never seen anything like them before.


Four seasons in one windowbox

Regents Park
Regents Park

A lot of plants are stuffed into this window box – two ivies, four skimmias, three standard olives, several violas and about 10 tulips. It’s more than most people would bother with (and it wouldn’t have come cheap), but it looks gloriously exuberant. The olives, skimmias and ivies are evergreen and so look good all year; they also provide the basic structure. Only the bedding plants will need to be replaced when they run out of steam. Classy.

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