May 062012


This cottage garden isn’t the type of thing you’d necessarily expect to see in E17, but Walthamstow has it’s very own ‘Village’, don’t you know. It comes complete with some groovy shops and restaurants and the poshest Spar I’ve ever seen – stuffed to the gills with many types of olive, posh wines and even a woodfired pizza oven.

This row of cottages nearby is like something out of Midsomer Murders, and this garden even has a white picket fence. I almost expected to see John Nettles pop up from behind a hedge.

Sep 132011


Also on the E17 Art Trail we passed this little gem, which belongs to Becky Wynn Griffiths and her partner. From the Art Trail map we weren’t sure whether the art in the house was going to feature cats crying blood (yes, really) or championship farm animals. We were relieved to find it was the latter. Becky’s art centres around photographs and paintings of prizewinning cows, sheep and pigs.

Needless to say I tarried awhile in the front garden. It’s home to some bright annuals and perennials in pots, a big phormium, nasturtiums spilling out of windowboxes and an acer. The burnished shades complement each other perfectly.  There’s even a bench, topped with interesting objects. The whole garden is a great lesson in what you can achieve in just a few square metres.