Kentish Town part II

Kentish Town

Once one person starts planting in communal spaces, others often follow suit, as any guerrilla gardener will tell you. The roads around Ryland Road (see previous post) also have planted-up tree pits, and there’s a community garden area too; a sign says that it’s tended by residents. And it’s not made up of boring low maintenance shrubs either – a lot of front gardens don’t look as good as this.

Pimp your pavement

Kentish Town

If there’s one place I’d like to live in London, it’s Kentish Town. It’s near Hampstead Heath, is home to a healthy amount of oddballs and hasn’t entirely been taken over by the three-wheeled buggy/Farrow & Ball/cupcake brigade. Plus it has a resident who had the idea of planting up the tree pits.

His name is Sean Kanavan and he lives on Ryland Road. You can read more about him here. Every tree is underplanted – currently with irises and hollyhocks. Apparently the council obliged by lifting paving slabs to make more room for the plants. The road has won Camden in Bloom awards and in the spring sunshine it was lovely place to be.

If anyone fancies buying me a place there, do let me know.