May 292016

Copper water bowl in Nick Bailey's garden for Winton Capital, RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016

Like many people, I don’t have room for a pond in my garden. But I would love to get some water in somehow and had a long chat with Waterside Nursery at the Chelsea Flower Show. They sell lots of plants suitable for ponds in pots on patios, in sun or shade. I’m going to start saving up…

In the meantime, I can dream about two¬†water features from Chelsea this year: the beautiful copper bowl by sculptor Giles Raynor in Nick Bailey’s garden for Winton Capital – beautiful and mesmerising. And Cleve West’s rock pool, which was used as a bird bath by local birds, as his Instagram film shows.

Bird bath in Cleve West's garden for M&G Investments, RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016