Apr 292012

New York

Almost three years ago to the day, I went to New York. Spring comes a few weeks later there – tulips and blossom were only just coming out and there were no leaves on the trees. And the weather was just as changeable as it is here – within the space of a week, the temperatures went from 20 degrees to 10 and back to 20 again.

I loved New York for the same reasons that everyone else does, but I was also intrigued to see how people garden in another big city. Often the plants used were the same as ours, just planted a little differently.

New York really put the idea of community gardens on my radar. The city has a long history of them and they’re found in the most unlikely places, tended by volunteers. This one was on the corner of two very busy main roads.




Jun 062011

St John's Wood

A couple of months ago our upstairs neighbour knocked on our door, visibly shaken. Some baby oak trees that he’d been nurturing on his balcony had been dug up by squirrels in a daring overnight raid. They weren’t just any baby oak trees – he’d brought the acorns back from Central Park in New York and had germinated them on his kitchen windowsill.

Happily, four mini trees remain intact and are now about six inches high. They’re currently residing in the front garden, which is as yet squirrel-free.