Tulips in Regents Park

Regents Park
Regents Park

I came across this raised bed a while ago when I was lost in Regents Park. It was summer then, and it was stuffed with marigolds, heleniums and fennel. I found it for the second time last week when I was lost all over again, experimenting with a new route to work. It was a pretty silly idea as I have no sense of direction, and even the helpful ‘YOU ARE HERE’ signs are lost on me.

None of the tulips directly pick out the colour of the door, although the yellow and red ones come pretty close. Which begs the question: if you have a strongly coloured feature, should you match your plants to it, or just grow what you fancy?


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Keep smiling

Regents Park

After some pretty wild weather last week, Friday dawned bright and calm and felt positively spring-like. I saw some marigolds on my way to work, followed by a camellia in flower, and then a daffodil. Summer followed by spring in the space of a few footsteps.

At lunchtime I went to Regent’s Park to see what was happening there. Half the beds in the Rose Garden had been cut right back, but the rest of them were flowering their socks off. This article in the Telegraph implies that roses have come into bloom early this year as they’re confused by the weather, but I’d assumed they just hadn’t stopped since last summer.

It’s quite an odd sensation to sniff a rose in January, but you’ve got to get your kicks where you can at this time of year. This was the very aptly named ‘Keep Smiling’.


St Albans

My friend Danny and I once observed that gardeners receive little gifts almost every day – something that pops up where you weren’t expecting it, puts on new shoots in spring, comes into flower or ripens.

My Mum received a gift of her own the other day. As I’m currently without a garden, she’s  minding some of my pots and had put this one in a dark corner of her composting area because she thought there was nothing in it. But when she went there the other day, she was startled to see a perfect display of marigolds.

I have absolutely no recollection of sowing these – in fact I’m pretty sure I didn’t. A friend gave me some seeds (that were given to him by his mum) a couple of years ago, and I sowed them last year in an old wine box. And then I moved. So these must have self sowed themselves perfectly in a completely different pot.

Nature, eh? The pot now has pride of place on my Mum’s patio. And I took a pic of this ‘present’ on my birthday.

Lost and found

Regent's Park

My lack of a sense of direction is legendary but I excelled myself the other day – I walked all the way around the Inner Circle of Regent’s Park, trying to find a route out, and ended up exactly where I started. And then I had to retrace my steps halfway round all over again, by which point it was almost dark.

So I happened to walk past this garden not once but twice. It’s in front of a building called The Studio. I just googled it and it seems to be home to a company that does ‘event architecture’, whatever that is. I think the planting must have been done to complement the orange door and the orange Smart car on the drive. I rather liked the mix of the dark foliage, orange marigolds and heleniums and towering fennels.

I took a pic, finally got out of the park just as dusk fell and then got lost again, this time around the back of Lords Cricket Ground. Hopeless.