Paris je t’aime part II

Marais, Paris

The back part of Cafe Montecao is built almost entirely of glass and is covered with ivy, growing in around 20 smallish pots fixed to trellis (I presume an irrigation system is in place, otherwise watering must be pretty tricky). It’s an unusual take on the green wall idea.

The interior is filled with palms and it all looked very romantic/restful. It reminded me a little of De Kas in Amsterdam. And it has rose ice cream on the menu…

Paris je t’aime part I

Marais, Paris

I was expecting to see some interesting window boxes and balconies in Paris this weekend, but it probably wasn’t the best time of year for them. And of course very few Parisians have a garden, so it was slim pickings all round for this blog. It actually made me realise how green London is, with its private gardens, squares and parks – although I reckon Paris has the edge when it comes to trees. Almost every street was lined with them.

These daffs were outside a shop in the Marais. You can’t really tell from this pic but the pots were on very long chains: hanging baskets, Paris-style.