Mar 092013


Crocuses on the lawn, Kentish Town

Kentish Town

At this time every year, the lawn in front of this house erupts into a riot of yellow, purple and white crocuses. There’s always a steady stream of people taking photos of it. I think the house might belong to someone who works in the park on Parliament Hill.

I’m sure a better photographer would have got some lovely shots with a decent camera, the right lens, some forgiving light and infinitely more skill. But the pic I took on my compact made the house look horrible and didn’t capture the crocuses either. So then I took a pic on Instagram, which made everything look better.

And that’s the thing about Instagram, isn’t it? It’s life, but through rose-tinted glasses. I love it and hate it in equal measure.

One person who has no time for retro photography apps is my Dad. I sent him a picture of my nephews taken with Cross Process, and he informed me that it was overexposed. He offered to fix it for me on his computer.

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Jul 232012


I love Hastings, and it was looking especially lovely this weekend. The sky was blue, the sea was like a mill pond and the beach was almost empty. There was a perfect Instagram photo op at every turn.

My favourite view, from above Hastings Old Town, is currently embellished by a swathe of calendulas. Apparently they weren’t there this time last year, so I can only assume that some guerilla-style gardening has gone on.