Jul 012011

Finsbury Park

Usually a patch of ground on the edge of a road is either planted with some cursory, sad-looking shrubs or nothing at all, but in Finsbury Park there are two nicely planted beds on either side of a junction.

Apparently they’re traffic calming measures, planted by Islington Council in the pre-cuts era.

Islington sounds like my kind of council. Last year, it actually managed to create some new allotments. That’s a feat most councils in other, less crowded parts of the country don’t seem capable of.

The man from the green space team at the council told me he’d identified several more potential sites for growing – odd pockets of land here and there. No doubt they’ll remain unloved and uncultivated for a while yet in this age of austerity.

Jun 232011

Finsbury Park

Colin is a man after my own heart – he’s greenfingered but he rents his flat, and is limited to gardening in containers. This he does very well, as the Great Dixter-esque pot combo outside his front door shows.

Just as Colin (who’s from Vancouver) was beginning to feel settled enough to start planting in the ground in the back garden, his landlord announced that he’s going to sell up! Colin, I feel your pain…