Oct 292011

Stoke Newington

This isn’t a gratuitous cat pic, lovely though Cleo is – I wanted her to walk on the lawn but she wasn’t playing ball.

As you know, I don’t like fake plants, but until I was actually standing on this¬†lawn I didn’t realise it was fake. It has some authentic-looking ‘thatch’ and my friend Olivier has left some autumn leaves on it for a more natural look. Apparently the original lawn was always waterlogged and wouldn’t grow, plus Olivier and his partner had nowhere to store a mower. So although I’m loathe to admit it, a couple of metres of fake turf has done the job quite nicely in their garden. It’s from LazyLawn¬†apparently.

Sep 092011

South Bank

As I’ve mentioned before, fake plants really get my goat. My heart sinks every time I see a plastic box ball, and it’s sinking quite a lot at the moment as they seem to be getting more and more widespread.

I don’t think there’s any need or excuse for fake turf, either – even if it was allowed at the Chelsea Flower Show for the first time last year. God only knows the environmental implications of the stuff.

But conversely, this artificial grass I can live with. Of course I wish it was the real thing, but that wouldn’t be easy on a concrete base in the middle of the South Bank (although they have managed it a bit further along in the fabulous rooftop garden on top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall). But I like the fact that it introduces an element of green, and invites people to lounge about and play – key elements in a real garden.

Let’s just hope people don’t feel so inspired that they go home and promptly install a fake lawn in their back garden.