St David’s Day


I’ve got a confession to make: I don’t like daffodils. I know I should be pleased to see them after a long hard winter, and of course I am. But that doesn’t mean I like them. Maybe because they bring back memories of soggy half terms and Easters. Or because everyone always says they’re a sign of spring even though it’s obviously still winter outside. Or because they’re yellow. Or always described as ‘cheery’. And always mentioned in the same sentence as William Wordsworth.

But having said that, I do like dwarf ones, and the ones with orangey centres, and white ones, and any in a vase. So what can I say? It’s complicated. And yes, I’m fickle.

But anyway, it’s St David’s Day, and even I can appreciate these little numbers. They’re in the garden in front of the office where I work, and are a lovely (and I dare I say it) cheery start to the day. They’re mostly ‘February Gold’ with some ‘Tete a Tete’ and ‘Pippit’ mixed in. The garden was designed by Ruth Chivers a few years back, to a very specific brief (the building is part of the Crown Estate) and it’s by far the best looking thing on the Marylebone Road.

As luck would have it,┬áRuth was in the garden today, pimping it for spring. She was planting lots of red tulips that she’d pre-grown in aquatic plant baskets. She was sinking the bulbs, baskets and all, into the soil. As she doesn’t get to the garden very often, she’s hoping it’s a practical way to make sure the bulbs come up exactly where she wants them in a few weeks’ time.