Mar 272013
Narcissus 'Tete a Tete' and crocuses outside Pizza East

Kentish Town

This caught my eye on the way to Parliament Hill the other Sunday. I liked how the writing doesn’t follow the contours of the container and so looks superimposed.

A week or so later I went for dinner at Pizza East next door. The little campanulas were looking distinctly worse for wear – they obviously haven’t liked the low temperatures we’ve had recently.

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Jun 232012
Aug 012011

Tufnell Park

More often than not the bit that juts out in front of a basement flat is unplanted and grim, or covered in weed-infested gravel or slate. But this mini gravel garden/rockery is the perfect solution with its thrift, hebes, campanulas etc.

I particularly like the cute little container of alpines. And the classy window box.