Covent Garden

I think I’m changing my mind about begonias. I’ve never really liked them, but first there were the bright orange ones in the tin bath, and now these, still soldiering on in November and creating a splash outside the Lamb & Flag pub.

That’s not a miniature woman that you can see underneath the hanging basket – she’s an ordinary sized one, walking through the alleyway that leads on to Floral Street.

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South Bank

Oxo Tower, London

Giant planters are mysteriously popping up all over the Waterloo area. There have been sightings outside a church opposite the station, at the top of a dreary walkway to the Imax (below), and in the last few days, round the back of the OXO Tower (above).

There’s always more than one – they’re usually in groups of about five. And what I like about them is that each one has a different colour theme – purple (petunias and salvias), red (geraniums, begonias and coleus), pink (petunias and geraniums again) and so on. They pack quite a punch.

The planters below also handily prevent drivers turning into the Imax entrance. I’ve nearly been run over several times by reversing cars and lorries, and now I can walk home without the fear of being squashed.