The Oranges & Lemons Garden – with royal approval!

Here’s the second of my ‘before and after’ posts – this time the Oranges & Lemons Garden in Shoreditch. I helped oversee the garden for the Chelsea Fringe. This was an ambitious project: it’s a big site in a churchyard in gritty, trendy Shoreditch that’s surrounded by busy roads, shaded by large trees and covered … Read more The Oranges & Lemons Garden – with royal approval!

St Leonard’s Church

On a rare sunny day last week (since when did May become the new December?) I went to St Leonard’s Church in Shoreditch to see how the Oranges & Lemons Garden for the Chelsea Fringe is coming along. Things are really progressing – Dan, the designer, has got hold of some astroturf to cover the ground … Read more St Leonard’s Church

St Leonard’s Church

Here’s another plantless pic – this time St Leonard’s Church in Shoreditch. Come 21st of May it will have an ‘Oranges & Lemons’ garden as part of the Chelsea Fringe. The Oranges & Lemons theme comes from the nursery rhyme, in which the church gets a mention: ‘When I grow rich, say the bells of … Read more St Leonard’s Church

Hampton Court Flower Show 2012

The RHS Hampton Court Flower Show is very different to its older, cooler, classier sister, the Chelsea Flower Show. Personally, I prefer Chelsea for its sheer unattainable perfection, but Hampton Court comes at a more interesting time of year plant-wise so the gardens, while more modest, look more varied. You can buy plants, children are … Read more Hampton Court Flower Show 2012