Sep 202015
Harvest at Painshill Park, Surrey

Painshill Park, Surrey

This display, in the walled garden at Painshill Park, has a touch of Great Dixter about it, no? Very cute.

  8 Responses to “Weekend inspiration: harvest”

  1. That’s an impressive haul! We’ve not been there in nearly 15 years, since we used to live in surrey.

  2. Wowser. That’s a lot of squashes. Nice display. I do like the shape of the ones in the foreground (can’t remember their name) – they remind me of pies.

  3. Yes they do look like UFOs. We’ve grown them before, usually the small yellow ones. Very tasty. I think a Crown Prince is difficult to beat, but of course they take up space which could be growing flowers ;)

  4. This simply shouts “Autumn!” Absolutely lovely!

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