Aug 032015
Planting near the Minack Theatre, Cornwall


Is it just me, or has the UK got more windy? They keep talking about unusually strong summer winds on the weather forecast, but maybe I’m just more aware of it because I live in a windy place. I’m becoming a bit obsessed by it.

Most of the plants I’ve planted in my garden are doing fine, but I’m always on the lookout for plants that appear to do well in windy conditions. Having spotted this planting scheme outside the Minack Theatre in Cornwall (a very breezy spot), I am now desperate for some angel’s fishing rods (Dierama pulcherrimum), which were swaying fetchingly in the wind.

I don’t think I’ll be getting a giant agave, though – it’s not really the look I’m going for…

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  1. Angel’s Fishing Rod is one of Su’s favourites too. She reckons it would go well with Stipea gigantea.
    Dierama resents being moved and we were lucky enough to see a pot of it for sale.

  2. I have become equally obsessed with the wind – we have had so few non-windy days this summer and I detest gardening in windy weather. Everything becomes ten times more difficult! Amazingly, my kniphofia, verbena bonariensis and phlox have all stayed upright but the lupins and alliums ended up at very odd angles.

    • Hi Aileen – at last, someone who feels my pain! I hate gardening in very windy weather too. Yes, top marks to V.B and kniphophia. My alliums (‘Purple Sensation’) were fine but I have had the ‘weird angle’ problem with a couple of other plants. Grr! x

  3. Not keen on agaves either, nasty looking things! How much nicer that garden would be without that great monstrosity!

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