Jan 292015


I spotted these winter aconites in the grounds of Cheltenham College yesterday, and made a mental note to plant some soon, so that I have something to look at next January. I planted loads of bulbs last year, many of them early flowerers as I can’t stand winter. But nothing has really appeared yet. My forced indoor paperwhites peaked way too early and the early Iris reticulata and crocuses are only just peeping through. The garden is looking a bit… brown (as opposed to white in much of the country).

To avoid the problem of nothing to look at in January next year, I’m going to order some aconites (Eranthis cilicica as opposed to Eranthis hyemalis, as it is said to do better in clay soil), Cyclamen coum and snowdrops, to plant in the green. I shall plant them at the back of the border and under shrubs, as they do at Great Dixter.

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  1. How about ‘Rijnveld’s Early Sensation’? Last week I saw daffs in bloom near Dolgellau, Eccleshall, Great Malvern and St. Albans. I bet they were all ‘Rijnveld’s Early Sensation’, though my bulbs are reluctant to flower quite yet as I only planted them last October.

  2. One knows early Spring is here when the Aconites make an appearance. I have them in my gardens, such a welcome site after a long winter. Very nice blog, enjoyed the read.

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