Jan 112015
Box balls


In the depths of January, when there’s little around in the way of colour, thank heavens for big, fat, juicy green box balls.

I like the way these two rows continue beyond the gate, linking the garden of the museum to the park beyond.

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  1. Beautiful. We were just saying the other day that we should get around to visiting the Holburne Museum.

  2. I like what they’ve done to extend the museum and link it with the surrounding gardens. Jane Austen stayed just around the corner so I always imagine I’m following in her footsteps there.

    NB Tom Mitchell is talking about Evolution Plants at BUG tonight. I’ve only just found out, so it’s probably too late to arrange to meet up?

  3. Currently we can’t see much green or brown looking out of our windows.

    We can only see white – the spectacular sight of freshly fallen snow. :-)

  4. Those box balls are gorgeous. I saw what I think were artificial box balls dangling from a porch today, they looked so silly, like green earrings swaying in the breeze (breeze? Gale force wind!) But these look really lovely.
    Margaret P

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