Sep 032014
Aster and rubeckia at Stourhead


  5 Responses to “Planting inspiration: aster and rudbeckia”

  1. I have a similar combo (but in reverse formation to Stourhead’s) planted out earlier this year using a smaller Rudbeckia and some asters I bought at our Waterperry visit. They’re not blooming yet! *drums fingers*

  2. I think I’d prefer this without the rudbekia.

    • OK Margaret – leave it with me. I’ll ask them to remove the rudbeckia!

      • I think I’d like something a little less yellow against that rust-coloured wall. I agree the lavender coloured Michaelmas daisies might need a bit of a lift from a stronger colour, but it’s the golden yellow of the rudbekia that I don’t think works here.

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