Jun 112014


My love affair with succulents continues. I was happy with these little numbers in my conservatory even without their flowers, and then all of a sudden, they flowered. The one below has sprouted a stalk that’s about a foot long, from a tiny rosette. Another very similar-looking plant produced a completely different, star-shaped yellow flower.

I just love these little guys. As I’ve said before, the conditions in my conservatory are harsh – cold in winter and hot in summer. Many of the plants need watering every day at this time of year, but not so the succulents. Photographing them next to a watering can is a bit of a red herring, as they’re the ultimate drought-tolerant plant. They haven’t seen a drop of water for days. In fact I’ll confess that the plant below hasn’t been watered for months, hidden away at the bottom of a plant stand. I feel so guilty that I’m off to water it now.


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  1. Aren’t these flowers a delight? I am being won over to succulents!

  2. My wife has just got in a load more succulents for work. I have to say she is also getting addicted to them….

    I guess there are worse vices.

  3. There is something very beautiful about them …. I think its there smallness – flowers in miniature!
    Lets hope the new ‘Cornish’ ones do as well!

  4. Funnily enough, I’ve been getting into the idea recently too. I have inherited two (old) butler sinks in my new garden that are currently providing a home for a choice selection of weeds and two baby oak trees. I’m thinking of turning them into succulent gardens (and I never, ever thought I’d say that…) I saw a great specialist nursery at Gardening Scotland – I’ll send you some pix.
    I would also love to turn our disused ‘game store’ (yes, honestly!) into an auricle theatre but it’s too shady round there. Boo!

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