May 262014


This little seating area is at the back of a garden, on the edge of some allotments. I’m not sure whether it’s part of the allotments, or part of the garden. Either way, it’s charming. I like the wildness of it.

It made me think of my own garden. A couple of weeks ago, it was home to some spectacular apple blossom, and a lawn that had become almost meadow-like, filled with daisies, dandelions and herb robert. Rubbish weather, too much work and a shoulder injury meant that I hadn’t been able to mow it. I kind of liked it like that, although I did feel that it was teetering on the edge of chaos.

My boyfriend mowed the lawn, trying to avoid the black and white bees* that were buzzing over it, and order was restored once more. But I’m not sure which version of the garden I preferred. As the garden develops, I’m going to keep some areas of long grass and create a proper mini meadow.

*I’ve subsequently discovered that the bees are Ashy mining bees, Andrena cineraria, which nest in lawns at this time of year. They pollinate fruit trees and nest in lawns. Another reason not to mow.

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  1. That is a pretty area, but just on the cusp of becoming a bit too wild, too wilderness …

    I’ve never heard of black and white bees, and certainly never seen any. But as you say, one reason (excuse!) not to mow!

  2. The first thing we did when we bought our place was pull up all the lawn to make space for more plants. I always hated mowing so was well shot of it. I think creating a wild meadowy look is the way to go. Co-incidentally I recently rescued an Ashy mining bee. It had flown into the house and was just sitting there, not really moving much when I poked it, and seemingly incapable of flying out of the now open window. I picked it up onto a spoon full of honey with its face just in front of the honey. After about 5 mins it started drinking it. It did this for a good 10 minutes then rejuvenated it flew off.

    • I’ve already got rid of half the lawn, and the rest will be going at some point! Bless you for saving the bee. I tried to save a bumblebee a while back, and I think I succeeded in drowning it : (

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