Oct 202013

Iford, Somerset

Much as I dislike the onset of autumn (although it’s not really autumn I’ve got a problem with – it’s the season that follows it), I love spotting Virginia creepers when they’ve reached the optimum shade of crimson. Here are a couple of corkers I’ve spotted recently, against brilliant blue skies.


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  6 Responses to “Virginia Creepers”

  1. We’ve got a lovely one on our fence. My wife keeps wanting to get rid of it (it’s the wrong type apparently). But I managed to convince her that if I kept it in check, then we could keep it. Needless to say it tries to take over everything. Looks great at the moment though.

  2. Now, you’ve been warned about trespassing on to railway lines several times, Veronica. You don’t want your reputation – and asbos – to follow you to the west country, do you!

  3. Looks lovely on the side of the house, autumn is so wonderful for tree colours.

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