Sep 202013


I was a student in Bath many years ago, and the city has changed a lot. It was always posh, but it’s got much posher. It’s positively dripping in Farrow & Ball paint, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the council starts issuing compulsory F&B paint charts to all residents soon.

Many of the scruffier, more characterful pubs we used to frequent as students have been replaced by something much more fancy.┬áThe Beehive, which used to sell extremely strong scrumpy and pickled eggs, is now the Grappa wine bar. The Hat & Feather, which was always rather notorious, has become Hudson’s Bar & Grill.

But thankfully, some haven’t changed. The Old Green Tree is exactly the same as it ever was, and so is the Star Inn. It’s dark, coffin-shaped and known for its range of beers, and in the early Nineties, it had sawdust on the floor. There’s no sawdust now, but the beer is still good. It has some nice hanging baskets, too, and has just been named ‘Best Pub Without A Garden’ in the Bath in Bloom competition.



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  1. Hi Veronica – I’ve just been chatting to Mel at Plant Heritage. You came up in conversation and she told me that you had recently moved to Bath. I had no idea. Came onto your blog to get up-to-date! I adore Bath. I was a student here myself too. I used to live pretty much opposite the Star Inn in my final year. Hope you are enjoying it. Feels as though half of the gardening community on Twitter have moved to Bath/Bristol recently!

    • Hi Sui

      Lovely to hear from you! When and where were you a student in Bath? Yes, there are quite a few of us out west. If you’re ever visiting, do let me know and we can meet for a cup of tea :) Hopefully see you at the GMG awards next week. x

      • Hi Veronica – I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Bath at the end of the 90s. How about you? We do try to visit Bath every now and then. Will let you know next time I’m there. Tea would be lovely. Sadly not going to GMGs (I’ve never been, maybe one year!). Hope you have a great time! Are you still working in publishing?

        • Hi Sui
          I did European Studies – what did you do? There was a really good horticulture course but they don’t run it now. I have left Which? Gardening and have gone freelance. Going ok so far! Hope to see you soon. x

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