Aug 052013
Strawberries in a hanging basket

Nunney, Somerset

It’s a brave and generous person who grows luscious-looking strawberries in two hanging baskets right next to a busy pavement. Nunney is a pretty village with a very grand ruined castle, and it attracts its fair share of tourists. People must be walking past these tantalising berries all day – I wonder how many have succumbed to temptation?

I think the variety is strawberry ‘Toscana’, a new-ish everbearing variety that has pink flowers (you can just see one to the top right of the pic). Something this pretty and edible is the holy grail of gardening as far as I’m concerned, and I will definitely be growing some next year. They will be residing in my back garden, though. I’m not at all generous as far as soft fruits are concerned.

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  1. How fantastic to see my hanging strawberries reviewed on your blog. Thank you! Nunney is a wonderful village and I don’t mind at all if visitors help themselves to the delicious strawberries (before the wasps do!).

    I wish I could tell you what the two varieties were. One has pale pink flowers, the other dark pink. Both produce lots of tasty fruits continuously.

    • How great to hear from you – I’d love to know how you found the blog! I’m really impressed that you are happy to share your strawberries. I hope they carry on giving you lots of tasty fruits.

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