May 112013


I featured this wisteria last year (on 22 April, which shows how behind this spring has been), but I just had to share it again. This year it seems even more abundant and gorgeous – I must have caught it at its absolute peak.

While I was taking this picture quite a few people stopped and snapped away on their phones and cameras (they’re probably all blogging about it as we speak). We all had a chat about how amazing it was. One person wondered how it is pruned and another commented that it must be quite dark in the house. I reckon I could live with that – it must be pretty amazing to have violet racemes hanging in front of every window for a week or two.

I was running late, but I’d love to have gazed at this scene for a while. It was just so utterly perfect. This late spring has been incredible, and this is the icing on the cake.

  7 Responses to “Wisteria”

  1. Wisteria always lifts my soul, and more so because it’s so fleeting. On a more frivolous note, this ranks about number 4 in the top 10 blogposts I’ve seen about this particular wisteria!

  2. […] P.P.S Have a look a Veronica’s wisteria sighting in Lambeth! […]

  3. Gorgeous Veronica. Thinks this outdoes the Wisterias I’ve seen in Chelsea this year too.

  4. Hi Veronica – Any chance you might share the road location? I’m mad about wisteria….and just down the road in Clapham…. Have a lovely day!

    • Hi Kris – I think it’s on the Lambeth Road? It’s on one of the main roads that leads to the Garden Museum from Lambeth North tube (my geography is terrible!). Hope you find it!

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