May 092013
Regents Park

Regents Park

I came across this raised bed a while ago when I was lost in Regents Park. It was summer then, and it was stuffed with marigolds, heleniums and fennel. I found it for the second time last week when I was lost all over again, experimenting with a new route to work. It was a pretty silly idea as I have no sense of direction, and even the helpful ‘YOU ARE HERE’ signs are lost on me.

None of the tulips directly pick out the colour of the door, although the yellow and red ones come pretty close. Which begs the question: if you have a strongly coloured feature, should you match your plants to it, or just grow what you fancy?


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  6 Responses to “Tulips in Regents Park”

  1. stunning! I say go for whatever colours you like, nature doesn’t colour match, and usually does it better than us humans 🙂

  2. Just grow what you fancy, definitely. But, having said that, I carefully pruned all the flowers off my Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’ yesterday because the bright blue was clashing horribly with some scarlet, orange and purple tulips in the foreground. Every time I looked in that direction, they would niggle at me. The difference in the overall look and feel once they’d gone was amazing!

    • Nothing wrong with a bit of flower removal! The garden in a house I rented had a bank of rose of sharon. I took off each flower as they appeared – they just clashed with everything else in the garden (and I think it’s a really ugly plant anyway)!

  3. I think this clashes a bit personally. I’ve been studying a bit of garden design recently where the ‘rules’ seem to be that you choose complementary colours. However I was in France last week and noted how they just seem to throw lots of different colours together over there and it seems to work somehow. They probably just shrug if you try to mention the colour wheel.

    • Hi Claire, rules are made to be broken, obviously, but I think I agree with you! Maybe pink and orange is a bridge too far. Purple might have worked better…

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