Apr 282013
Marylebone High Street

Marylebone High Street

The posh clothes shop, Toast, used to have a battered old (sorry, vintage) bench outside it, painted a lovely canal-boat green. The shop has now had a refit (although it looked fine before if you ask me), and the bench has gone.

It’s been replaced by this interesting set up: stacked breeze-block effect containers that have been painted black and filled with succulents. I like this look – it’s original, minimal and low maintenance (although someone or something has dislodged one of the plants) and the black background really makes the colours of the plants pop.


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  1. I like this, a contemporary urban display of planting. I notice a lot of plants on my way to work but as it is in Elephant and Castle I can’t aspire to the same echelons of London society. There are some nice red tulips in some tree pits; they look rather stuffed in amongst the weeds but they are bright and cheery.

    • Hi Claire – I love a good tree pit! A planted tree pit in the Elephant is worth ten posh window boxes in a fancier part of town! Sounds like it could have been the work of guerrilla gardeners – good for them.

  2. As a fellow Claire working in the E&C area can I just mention the best urban planters ever which are outside Morley College? They look stunning at the moment. I believe they are the work of the Guerilla Gardeners.

  3. Hi the other Claire, I know exactly where you mean as our office used to be located just up there until last September, they are stunning. In fact I often thought of photographing them but only recently obtained a decent camera phone. I didn’t know they were from the Guerrillas.

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