Mar 012013

St John’s Wood

Regular readers of this blog (hello, both of you!) will know that St John’s Wood is considered the box ball capital of Europe. Topiary has been trending in NW8 for years now, along with fancy fencing, electric gates, doric columns, lion and eagle statues and overly large or small dogs.

Quite often, the box balls or lollipop bay trees are quite out of proportion with the giant pillars and lion statues, which amuses me because it shows that money cannot buy taste. But this tiny area (a side passage) is perfect. It contains just three plants: the obligatory box balls (lovely plump ones), a wall of Trachelospermum jasminoides and a Magnolia grandiflora. The big leaves of the magnolia contrast with the tiny leaves of the box, and the hard landscaping complements the pots and the walls. It’s simple, but really effective.

I’m reliably informed by my local mole that the garden was designed by Anouska Hempel’s ‘people’.

The same mole also informs me that the pots are made of plastic. In St John’s Wood! I’m surprised this isn’t contravening a local bylaw.

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  1. Ha! It is beautiful. I really want to stick a garden gnome in there though, just for funnsies.

  2. hello dear. only me. Mrs Coates.
    Just wanted to say hello. And I also wanted you to know that I have come to the conclusion that my accident was not an accident afterall. I think she deliberately put that manuka outside that door so that I
    would walk out , trip over it and tumble down those stairs. I’m sure of it Veronica. I haven’t had a chance to confront her about it yet. Been on crutches and have not been to get about. But as soon as I get rid of these
    I’m going down there to confront the crafty cow. You mark my words there is no way Mrs Coates is letting the Argentinian get away it. I will ofcourse let you know what happens. ta ta for now Veronica. Take care.lots of love. Mrs Coates

    • Oh dear Mrs C, are you sure? Sounds like you haven’t always seen eye to eye over the Falklands etc. Do keep me posted and look after yourself!

    • Mrs Coates, oh my goodness. Do you really think your daughter-in-law is trying to do away with you? Is it to get her hands on your inheritance? Cripes

  3. Very understated and very nice ….. mmm rethinking my ideas on Gardening/external spaces!


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