Jul 142012


West Sussex

My friend Vicky disappears off to her parents’ place in Sussex at every opportunity, and now I know why. It’s gorgeous.

The house has an Aga, a pantry, window seats in almost every room and a little turret(!) with a weather vane on top. The garden wraps around it, and has a summer house that’s framed by a rose and an apple tree.

I’ll probably never have an Aga, a pantry, a turret or even a window seat, but I reckon I might manage a little summerhouse like this one one day. In the meantime I’m going to let Vicky’s folks know that I am available for adoption.

  4 Responses to “Vicky’s house”

  1. I would like one of those too please – looks like a lovely place to escape too.

  2. My dad makes the best strawberry jam and scones, too, so come on down for afternoon tea!

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