Apr 222012


I went to the Garden Museum the other night for a talk by the landscape architect Charles Jencks. I like what he does and he was a great speaker, but  I didn’t really understand a word he said. I came away feeling a bit thick.

Anyway, on the way there I saw this wisteria. It’s been so wintry that I was surprised to see it out already. Isn’t it spectacular? I doubt I’ll see a better one this year. It like the orange watering can, too.

Wisteria is also trailing along the railings by the pavement – lovely idea.

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  1. I thought Jencksy was an architect. His books are totally impenetrable so don’t fret about not being in tune.

  2. My first posting ever – what a wonderful blog, only hoping one day it might be improved with a pic of my garden too!

    • There’s everything to play for, John! You just need to get your garden up to scratch! Not really – I did actually try taking several pics last year but I just couldn’t capture the right-hand border on my camera – my fault, not yours.

      • Thanks Veronica -they do say the best gardens are impossible to photgraph! LOL

        My right hand border is very lush at the moment so I will try to capture for you.


  3. Wow! That wisteria’s fantastic and they always seem to fit a large setting so comfortably.
    I saw one today in Eccleshall (Staffs) on a 18th century frontage, which was just starting to bloom – a good couple of week’s behind London.

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