Apr 132012

Regent Street

‘LET’S GET OUT OF HERE – THE PRICES ARE RIDICULOUS!!!’ cried Vicky after we’d been lured into Anthropologie by a nice dress in the window (price tag: £198). In that respect she reminds me of my French friend Esther, who  says ‘ILS SONT MALADES!!!’ when confronted with hefty price tags.

I always say I don’t mind the prices in Anthropologie because I’m happy just to look at all the pretty things (even though it’s apparently much cheaper in the States, which is annoying). But I fell hook, line and sinker for this vintage French table, chairs and umbrella. They weren’t for sale, which is just as well because I no doubt wouldn’t have been able to afford them. That would have prompted more choice words from Vicky and some wistful looks from me.

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  1. excuse me, have you seen Veronica’s garden blog? Mary Portas seems to have hijacked this post!

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