Dec 062011

The South Bank

I’m walking up and down the South Bank a lot these days and it never fails to impress. Aside from the culture, restaurants and views it’s got loads of thoughtfully planned seating, clever lighting, interesting paving, twinkling lights in the trees and ever changing things to look at.

These silver birches have just appeared outside the National Theatre, complete with tweeting bird sounds emanating from their branches. It’s an other-worldly addition that’s almost eerie at night.

The only thing ruining the South Bank at the moment is a mariachi-style band that dominates Hungerford Bridge, drowning out every other busker and making conversation/iPod listening nigh-on impossible for at least a 200m radius. They used to play ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’ ad infinitum but now they’ve switched to Christmas carols. The other day I crossed Waterloo Bridge to avoid them, only to find that some of their pals were dominating that one too. Please, please will someone make it stop?!?!!!!………….

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  1. i like the way you make yourself sound like a homeless person in the first line. very topical

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