Dec 022011

Columbia Road

On a quiet day at work once, we were playing a game of ‘If you had a plant named after you, what plant would it be?’ (such are the conversations you have when you work on a gardening magazine). For me, my friend Chauney suggested an ornamental cabbage. He really is such a wag.

I almost wouldn’t mind being named after these cabbages, though – they look like roses.

Actually, there is a plant named ‘Veronica’. Is it a gorgeous rose or sweetly scented sweet pea? No. It’s a cauliflower – one of those lime green romanesco ones.

  6 Responses to “Winter cut flowers”

  1. That combination with the sunshine is quite striking.

  2. a quiet day at Gardening which? is there any other kind?

    • I’ll have you know, Shorty, that we work very hard. And unlike some we can’t just rehash press releases and swan off for the opening of an envelope!

  3. Oh, don’t be so,so …..actually I really like those lime green cauliflowers. Veronica is one of my favourite perennials with gorgeous pink or purple flowers. Looks great with Euphorbia Schillingii.

  4. On hindsight maybe a red savoy is more fitting. It has all the grace of an ornamental cabbage with extra lumps, bumps and wrinkles. Cx

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