Oct 132011

Finsbury Park

Bin stores, wheelie bins etc are really tricky to deal with in small front gardens. But this bin store (presumably it was a coal store originally) has a pretty mini green roof, covered with low-maintenance houseleeks.

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  1. Oh V Peerless , could not agree with you more about those wheelie bins. As you know all too well V Peerless my garden front is very small so I know exactly what you mean. However as time has gone by
    I have become more and more fond of my wheelie bin. This Saturday morning I shall be giving it a change
    of colour. I am not sure what colour yet so do have any ideas V Peerless. I’m thinking purple but then I’m
    also swaying to burgundy. Let me know please V Peerless. Hope to hear from you soon because I’m off
    to Ikea tomorrow to get the paint.

    your friend forever
    ms Coates

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