Jun 212011


If you’ve got a privet hedge, you may as well do something fun with it and entertain passersby. In this quiet street in Highbury there are back-to-back cats and a Thomas the Tank engine.

Apparently the neighbours a few doors down claim to have a topiary Intercity 125 – a.k.a an ordinary hedge that’s tapered at one end.

  7 Responses to “Hedge finds”

  1. Incredible! Love them! How long do you think it took to create these masterpieces? V.best Naomi

  2. Pimp my hedge! I love it!

  3. Now that’s what I call a hedge! Combining my 2 favourite things, gardening and cats.

  4. I love that it looks like the cats are clutching onto the brickwork, TC would be impressed!

  5. These are really cutting hedge! Look expensive ‘tho, daylight shrubbery! Many apologies VP, like the blog x

  6. […] Cutting HedgesFast-growing hedges need clipping throughout the growing season! You could cut a cat out of your hedge: http://bit.ly/m0ASV9 […]

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