Oct 252015


This is my least favourite day of the year – the day when the clocks have gone back. But for the time being at least, my garden still thinks it’s summer. Penstemons, phlox, Geranium ‘Patricia’ and verbascums are all going strong, along with the old stalwarts, Erysimum Bowles’s Mauve, Verbena bonariensis and Gaura lindheimeri. Further down the garden, dahlias, marigolds, rudbeckias and cosmos are oblivious to the season. Frosts are on their way, though, so I’m making the most of every flower and leaf.

Below is a shot of the same border in March. The clocks had just gone forward, and all the fences had blown down in a gale. Many of the perennials and bulbs planted the previous autumn were refusing to appear and I was beginning to think that nothing was going to grow. So in the dark days of winter, when the garden is stubbornly dormant, I’ll console myself that it will look lovely again.