Apr 162015


It seemed like spring would never come, and now we seem to be hurtling headlong into summer. I’ve gone from willing everything to grow, to wishing it would all slow down a bit.

This patch of bulbs is just one tiny part of a 20m long swathe of bulbs that seems to have popped up overnight alongside a busy road in Cheltenham. The verge separates the road from the pedestrian and cycle lanes on the other side, and this delicate spectacle is definitely best enjoyed by those on foot or on bikes. It isn’t brash enough to be appreciated by car drivers whizzing past.

Someone has a put a lot of thought into this planting – it’s fresh, pretty and unusual – and keeps on going (the daffs, now going over, are being succeeded by tulips). The main road is usually my least favourite part of the walk to work, but right now it’s my favourite.