St Albans

My friend Danny and I once observed that gardeners receive little gifts almost every day – something that pops up where you weren’t expecting it, puts on new shoots in spring, comes into flower or ripens.

My Mum received a gift of her own the other day. As I’m currently without a garden, she’s  minding some of my pots and had put this one in a dark corner of her composting area because she thought there was nothing in it. But when she went there the other day, she was startled to see a perfect display of marigolds.

I have absolutely no recollection of sowing these – in fact I’m pretty sure I didn’t. A friend gave me some seeds (that were given to him by his mum) a couple of years ago, and I sowed them last year in an old wine box. And then I moved. So these must have self sowed themselves perfectly in a completely different pot.

Nature, eh? The pot now has pride of place on my Mum’s patio. And I took a pic of this ‘present’ on my birthday.