May 062013
Regents Park

Regents Park

A lot of plants are stuffed into this window box – two ivies, four skimmias, three standard olives, several violas and about 10 tulips. It’s more than most people would bother with (and it wouldn’t have come cheap), but it looks gloriously exuberant. The olives, skimmias and ivies are evergreen and so look good all year; they also provide the basic structure. Only the bedding plants will need to be replaced when they run out of steam. Classy.

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Mar 172013
Cyclamen coum, box and ivy

Wimpole Street

I must say I’m getting a trifle weary of winter bedding (and winter in general – will it ever end?), but this window box makes a refreshing change. Cyclamen coum are usually planted in the ground, but here they’re being used as bedding. They’re on top of some railings, so passersby can enjoy them at eye level. I much prefer them to the ubiquitous larger-flowered types.

There’s some interesting leaf textures going on, here too – the tiny leaves of the box, the larger leaves of the cyclamen, and the variegated ivy. Lovely.


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Feb 242013
Violas, cyclamen and dogwood stems in a window box

St John’s Wood

I featured John’s window boxes last summer when they were filled with orange geraniums and coleus. Here’s his winter version. The cyclamen and violas are pretty, but it’s the pale green dogwood stems that really make the whole thing special.

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Feb 182013
Raised beds containing evergreens outside Tillie's Nail Bar

Warwick Avenue

This classy, rustic looking planter planted with tasteful wintry evergreens instantly caught my eye. I was intrigued to see what type of emporium it was standing outside. A cafe, or kitchen shop, maybe?

Actually, it’s a nail bar and beauty salon. It’s called Tillie’s and a quick Google has revealed that it’s a favourite of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar (and local yummy mummies).

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Dec 182012

Langham St, W1

In some contexts, evergreen box and ivy – and nothing else – would look a bit uninteresting/unimaginative. But against this very distinctive cream and black tiled background, it looks perfect. There are lots of similar window boxes outside the Grange Langham Court Hotel.

It’s not all monochrome, though – there’s usually a splash of colour from bedding in hanging baskets around the front door.

Oct 272012
Pansies and heather

Wimpole Street

I rarely get two blog posts from one street on the same day, but seconds before I clapped eyes on the bonkers Virginia creeper below, I saw these tasteful winter pots.

I’m not that keen on pansies or heathers, but these are transformed by their ‘Long Tom’-style pots. They’re set off to perfection by the huge front door that’s just to the left of this window, painted the most delicious shade of dark purple.

Oct 182012

St Albans

When I was growing up my mum and dad seemed to be constantly decorating – they still are, in fact. They seem to have rules about how often a room needs updating and I wouldn’t be surprised if they keep a decorating log book. Whenever they tell me they’re redoing a room, they tell me how many (or how few, usually) years it’s been since it was last done.

When I was growing up in the 1980s, there was much excitement in the Peerless household when Dulux brought out a range of white emulsions with a hint of another colour. ‘Apple White’ and ‘Apricot White’ made a real change from boring old magnolia and were used liberally around the family abode.

If these cyclamen were a Dulux colour, they’d be ‘Cyclamen White’. They’re the most delicate shade of pink, with pretty mauve markings that complement the violas perfectly. The silver Senecio cineraria complement the pale markings on the cyclamen leaves and bring it all together nicely.

All of the plants are available at a Homebase near you. Well done for spotting them, Mum!

Sep 222012

St Johns Wood

My friend John often asks when his garden is going to feature on this blog, and I always tell him I’ll cover it when it’s up to scratch! I’m joking, of course. John has a great garden and I’ve tried to photograph it many times but haven’t been able to do it justice.

John would be the first to point out that his window boxes are past their best, and it’s a shame I couldn’t capture them in their prime. But I really like the colour combo – the bright orange geraniums against the dark leaves. There were some black petunias in the mix too, but John had to take them out because they got mildew.

Aug 282012

Warren Street

This pic really doesn’t do this building justice, but every window has a colourful window box. They feature lots of reds, which always look great against black.

At its base is the tiny garden and the ever-present bike that that have been featured here before.